Photographs foreground the existence of the spaces and treasured objects within my four grandparents’ homes. In this process, I photographed with the mindset of a researcher rather than a granddaughter. This meant that I photographed the physical things as they exist in their environment as subjectively as I could. While I was conscious of the compositional elements of the photographs, I did not style or stage the photographs. If absolutely necessary, I would move an object to a position with better lighting. I did not focus on photographing my grandparents or conveying my connection to them. I wanted the focus to be on the objects and spaces alone as the work is a documentation of their existence. It is the role of the interviews and illustrations to demonstrate the connections my grandparents and I have with these material aspects of Croatian culture.

The spaces and most valued possessions of my four grandparents:


My Baba* Ivka Lukac

*Baba translates to Grandmother

My Dida* Blaz Lukac

*Dida translates to Grandfather

My Baka* Terezija Kraljevic

*Baka translates to Grandmother

My Dida* Stanko Kraljevic

*Dida translates to Grandfather

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