Here in The Urban Wild Speculative Design

Student Work, November 2017

5-part community application design through Xd which includes a calendar, community meal planner, virtual marketplace, conversation topics and app information.

The Urban Wild was a collaborative design research project speculating the design of the future city of Badgerys Creek. It proposed a Romantic Utopia which provided a solution to the modern issues of sociability, accessibility and environmental sustainability. It focused on technological progress and reflected on simpler pastimes where technology was absent, nature was more considered and community accord was better felt. Click here to view The Urban Wild.

Here was a research-led project which investigated methods of assimilating immigrants and refugees into a foreign country. I held interviews, conducted a photo study and made observational notes on the topic of food sharing. Analysis of my research elicitations revealed that through sharing skills, resources and documents related to food, immigrants and refugees could connect to their new society. Food is the greatest unifier cross culturally. It is survival, identity, pleasure, community, status and humanity (Choi 2014). Click here to view Here.

            Here + The Urban Wild = Here in the Urban Wild

Here in The Urban Wild was my opportunity to expand on my research in Here and apply it to the society I collaboratively proposed in The Urban Wild. My response is a community application called Here. The app is a tool for the community to plan events such as dinners and market days that will take place in this community space. It will be available in several languages to accomodate for immigrants and refugees existing and assimilating into the community.

Left: The app will allow members to have an awareness of what is happening in the community with the calendar function.

Right: Meals will allow people to volunteer to cook a dinner or lunch for a defined amount of people.

Left:  Marketplace is a companion for the community markets which will take place every Sunday. It allows people to view what is being traded and book a booth if they wish to trade.

Right: Conversations includes written prompts to guide a conversation of a selected topic to allow people to have enlightening conversations.

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