Here — Design Research

Student Work, November 2017

4-part research project
Hand-bound digital print

Here is a research-led project which investigates methods of assimilating immigrants and refugees into a foreign country. It proposes that through sharing skills, resources and documents related to food, immigrants and refugees could connect to their new society. 

In researching food sharing, I conducted three in-depth interviews with immigrants to elicit information about their existing relationship with food of their culture since their settlement into a new country. I also undertook a photo-study, analysing a collection of photographed moments when food united individuals with others. The third research method I employed was the observation of three locations where food was shared, each varying in cultural demographic, formality and capacity of people. I presented my research findings as objectively as possible, the form and format asserting minor hierarchy. This was the result of my awareness of the role paratexts have in shaping the perception of readers.

 Objectively presenting my findings — Level One


Organising my findings — Level Two

Classifying my findings — Level Three

Defamiliarising* my findings to elicit new insights — Level Four

 *Defamiliarisation is when one is psychologically disorientated by the experience of something familiar. It occurs when the familiar becomes unfamiliar through objective representation, opening it up to interpretation.

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